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"This is what the Lord says"

"This is what the Lord says: What fault did your fathers find in me, that they strayed so far from me?" (Jeremiah 2:5).

It is common enough for men and women to withdraw from a relationship with spouse, colleague or business associate, when they feel they have been wronged. This is acknowledged as a fact of life in the question above. But consider the hurt God feels when his people turn their back on him. He knows that he has not wronged his people, and he draws the people's attention to help them realize their condition of estrangement is entirely of their own making. God's heartfelt kindness, his faithful beneficence are his merciful providences are unfailing. His love never wanes, never falters. His sun rises on the evil and the good; his rain waters the soil of the just and the unjust. His attentiveness and constancy in his relation to mankind is the brilliant foil for the bleak pig-headedness and rank defiance of guilty humanity. Though we have sinned, God seeks us to do us good.

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