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"I will give them a heart to know me that I am the Lord . . ."(Jeremiah 24:7).

When I was dating the woman, who is now my wife, I would have liked to have had in my possession, some more than ordinary powers of enchantment to cause her to become first fascinated, then enthralled by me (at least I think I would have liked). As it was, I lacked the aforementioned, so I was reduced to the hard slog of courtship with all its hope and desperation.

When God sets out to win us to himself, he is better equipped than any of us are in wooing. He is at once exquisite and magnificent in his personality. He is altogether winsome and beautiful. Furthermore, he is the Lord of history. He is able to made all things work toward our good. Providence is his to organize. And he is an artful suitor. None of us would ever know him without first falling prey to his determination to be known.

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